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Fine Craft Collective

David Peterson

My adult life, which has been going on for some time, began with an extended foray into academics (English, Linguistics and Middle Eastern Studies). After a few years of teaching in Iran, I moved into career in heavy manufacturing (metal stamping & fabricating). I am now selling commercial and industrial real estate (a dubious battle).

I began wood-turning a few years ago and enjoy it more than anything else I have done. I hope that I am on the cusp of the change from amateur to journeyman. As with most skills, one of the main distinctions between amateurs and professionals is the time needed to successfully complete a project. By this measure, I am getting better. Others can tell me if my product is satisfactory.

My work is primarily simple shapes created spontaneously at the lathe from a single raw blank. They are rendered in common native species. Most of the wood I use is harvested on my small property (ash, maple, elm, pine), given to me by friends (palo verde, mesquite, walnut, osage orange, yew root), found lying in someones woods (beech, grape vine) or rescued from more unlikely spots (firewood from the grocery store, discarded furniture from a back yard, driftwood found at the beach, scraps from a sawmill).

I hope my work is satisfying to look at and to touch. You are welcome to handle the pieces carefully with clean hands.