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Fine Craft Collective

Colleen Riley 2012

In our rural setting it is easy to appreciate the quiet yet steady changes that take place from season to season. These parallel the changes that have taken place in my work during the last several years. Every day something from outside gives me new inspiration, such as a pattern of leaves in the woods, the color of a bird's feathers, or the contours of a freshly plowed field. I am constantly testing surfaces and techniques, and have learned to embrace this steady and dramatic evolution of ideas.

I strive to make pots that are elegant, yet comfortable and inviting for use. European decorative arts of the early 20th century, textiles, and Japanese woodblock prints are primary influences in my work. I am also drawn to the simple lines, bright colors and lightheartedness of mid-century design. Carving, stamping, and incising introduce texture and create a contrast with the clay's smooth surface. To keep the patterns fresh and relaxed, I carve freehand at leatherhard stage. It is a part of the process I particularly enjoy.