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Fine Craft Collective

Glynnis Lessing 2012

Recently, we moved our family back to Minnesota after spending 30 years living and working in Chicago.

I love the outdoors and nature. I hope to call people’s attention to the environment and how beautiful it is.  Emphasizing what pleasure we get from nature and the outdoors is my main focus.

As an artist in the city I craved nature and took my inspiration from what little of the natural world I could find there. Now that I’m living out in the countryside I am surrounded and immersed; delighted to have widened my chance to see and find forms in nature.

My process: I hand throw all my work usually from Grolleg Porcelain and decorate the surface: individually freehand drawing and carving my designs through colored slip. Designs must enhance the form of the pot and vice-versa.

All work is dishwasher, oven, microwave and food safe

My narrative images are mostly that of flora and fauna from my environment; with some inspiration from travels.

I strive to make aesthetically pleasing yet highly functional pots that will find an intimate niche in the daily lives of the people who take them home.