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Fine Craft Collective

Juan Fried 2021

As an architect and artist, I’m always looking for the
large- and small-scale interrelationships of natural and
man-made forms and structures. Out of recycled sterling
silver, I make small, wearable sculptures based on the
dynamic geometric and architectural shapes that surround
me. The hoppers, chutes, bins and their supporting
structures create vessels and conduits for the seasonal
cycles of fuel, water and food – industrial extensions of
the natural systems of streams, soils and plants that
define the Minnesota rural environment in which I live. 

Juan Alejandro Fried Ortiz de Zarate is an architect and
artist whose work reflects the diversity of his
ancestry, his urban experiences, and a new home in the
countryside. Juan studied art history and architecture at
the University of Pennsylvania and the University of
Minnesota. As an architect and urban designer, he completed
award-winning designs for public agencies and community
groups. As an emerging artist, he continues his study of
form, space, and materials on a more intimate scale.
He started forging and fusing his geometric, architectonic
work in the winter of 2014.  He is a member of the Society
of North American Goldsmiths and the Minnesota Jewelry Arts
Guild (where he is currently a board member.)