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Fine Craft Collective

John Ehresmann

This adventure all started with my granddaughter’s request for a fairy house at Christmas.  I decided to create one for her from polymer clay.  Polymer clay is a new medium for me and requires no kiln as does conventional clay.  You bake your creation in a toaster oven and after a number of minutes, it is hard.  The fairy house was a hit and I decided to explore other houses.

Each polymer clay house is different and reflects the diversity of the families that occupy them.  I enjoy the tactical nature of the clay and exploring the three-dimensional aspect it offers that can be expressed in size, shape, and texture.  I have also branched out and explored making abstract wall hangings.

The toothpick assemblages can be whatever you want but the initial idea was to represent the diversity of mankind.  Each toothpick is individually painted and different from all the others.

I practiced dentistry for over 32 years and before that was an aerospace engineer.  Around retirement I dabbled in making glass lamp work beads for over a decade.  I enjoyed the spontaneous nature of the bead making process and gravitated toward the abstract and organic.  I enjoy the tactical nature of the clay and ability to create items in three dimensions.  I like to vary the size, shape, and texture of the buildings.  For years I worked in millimeters and here that restriction is removed.  Making an exact representation is not the goal.  My houses are caricatures.  The final millimeter of paint also intrigues me, adding an additional layer of individually to each house.  Enjoy.